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Grow your greens

Updated: May 3, 2019

With a few easy steps you can have home grown greens on you table for every meal!

Adding greens to most meals will keep them fresh while adding the extra bit of flavor and texture you are searching for. You can plant greens at any time depending on your location, in colder climates from early spring to early summer.

Here's How:

Start seedlings indoors-

- Fill desired proper draining container 3/4 ths of the way with your choice of moistened potting soil

-Sow 2- 3 seeds per 2 square inches

- Cover with a lighter soil or peat moss mix

- Water to keep soil constantly moist

- Once seedlings sprout; thin or cut back seedlings to 1 every 2 square inches

- Fertilize once a week

- When plants are 4 inches tall with numerous leaves they should be ready to transplant

- Transplant 10 - 12 inch apart

- Harvest lower leaves as they grow to promote more growth and delicious meals!

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